Into the Burning Circle

Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle is an occult collectible card game. A long time ago, the mountains of Siberia were ruled by clans of powerful Shamans. Three of them. Varg, Shrasa and Kaos Moon are still alive in spirit form and are locked in a deadly battle for revenge. Their link to the real world is the Russian medium Katja Zakkov and her brother Jules. Help them defend our reality from Shamans, mythological creatures and ancient gods.

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Gargoyle Apparition Card

Jack-O'-Lantern Demon Card

Vampire Phantom Card

Lilith Demon Card

Werewolf Apparition Card

Basilisk Phantom Card

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Kaos Moon: Beast Packs

KAOS MOON: Halloween 2023 Beast Collection packs contains 5 new monsters and 1 chase card to be added as a thematic expansion for the soon to be released occult card game, Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle. These cards will be fully integrated into the game, but don't contain any Legendary Cards. Have a scary Halloween and enjoy...

The Beast Pack contains 6 cards and comes in the following configuration: 35 % Apparition cards (2 cards) 35 % Phantom cards (2 cards) 25 % Demon card (1 card) 5% Chase card (1 card)

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The Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle is an occult Trading Card Game with RGP elements in the vein of Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering based on the popular graphic novel series by David Boller.

Create decks of mythological creatures, conjure up magical spells and conduct occult rituals to defend the nether regions from demons, wicked monsters and vicious beasts that are hell-bent on taking over our reality. Immerse yourself in a world of overworldly conflict as you level up to become a master shaman.

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The Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle occult, fantasy CCG gamefi project on WAX/BNB/Fantom: Crypto Card Game in the vein of Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering Full color hardcover graphic novels and webtoons Anime streaming shows NFT collections In-game token $KAOS Integration though the enDAPP

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