Kaos Moon History:

Kaos Moon war originally conceived by creator David Boller in the fall of 1995. By 1996 short stories were published in Switzerland in Ink Magazine as well as the German Heavy Metal. In the USA a four-issue mini-series was published by Caliber Press and became an instant fan favorite, winning an Russ Mannning Award Nomination for creator David Boller. Caliber published four issues that were also collected into two Graphic Novels in Germany’s Alpha Comics under their “Heavy Metal presents…” Label.

Unfortunately both Caliber Press and Alpha Comics folded in 1998 and only two more short stories were published by Avatar Press in 1999. Kaos Moon: Shaman Rising was the first major storyline to be released.

Kaos Moon is currently experiencing a renaissance with the upcoming release of the first full color graphic novel collection and the launch of the Kaos Moon: Into the Burning Circle trading card game.


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